Leap & Hop Hong Kong (2nd ed.)

Asia One Books

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Isabelle Demenge
Asia One Books
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There is more to Hong Kong than a busy city full of sky-scrapers and a shopper's paradise and we now have an updated second edition to the classic Leap & Hop Hong Kong. For kids, Leap & Hop Hong Kong is a great way to play as they explore the city. Whether it's navigating the pathways in Central, discovering the longest escalator in the world or admiring Hong Kong's stunning skyline, the kids are invited to go on a scavenger hunt in one of Hong Kong's many malls, to play food critic while they taste dim sum, to draw what they see or imagine as they discover the unique culture of Hong Kong. For parents, Leap & Hop provides an ideal wayto stick to a grown-up itinerary with a focus on cultural sites while sharing an unforgettable experience with their children.