PALETTE mini 07: Monotone: New single-colour graphics


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Publication date:
Paperback / softback
14.8 x 10.6 cm
illustration info:
Illustrated in colour throughout
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PALETTE mini’s 7th edition proves that singularity is anything but boring, as the designers make the most out of a sole colour or a tonal palette to bring out the best in a creative concept and leave a lasting visual impact.
Since it was first released, the original PALETTE series has been an instrumental source of colour-themed references for designers around the world. 8 editions later, in keeping with the demands of today’s creative practitioners, PALETTE mini books were introduced at the end of 2019 as flip-friendly versions of their originals – redesigned into a compact size with minimal layouts for instant inspiration.

Manifesting a distinct simplicity, monochromatic hues can make a statement in the midst of all the surrounding visual noise. By consciously capitalising on a sole colour or a tonal palette, the designers in PALETTE mini 07 – Monotone have created variety out of singularity without rigour or restraint, as seen through the thoughtful formulations, materials, and techniques that bring their branding, packaging, and interior projects to life.