Baby Shark And Friends Box Set

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Pinkfong (SmartStudy)
Marshall Cavendish
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About the Baby Shark and Friends Storybook Box Set
Join Baby Shark on his many adventures in the ocean, as he learns to care and share while having fun!
Baby Shark and the Colourful Balloons (ISBN 978 981 4841 75 7)
Baby Shark finds some balloons and has fun playing with them. When he meets friends who are not having such a perfect day, he learns to share his balloons and makes them smile.
Police Sharks to the Rescue (ISBN 978 981 4841 76 4)
Baby Shark patrols the ocean with Daddy Shark. They come across a fight and a burglary. Bravely, Baby Shark helps his friends and sets things right.
Baby Shark and the Colours in the Ocean (ISBN 978 981 4841 77 1)
Baby Shark is flipping through his photo album and all the photos are dull and grey. He uses his magic crayons and puts colour back into the photos once again!
Baby Shark and the Star (ISBN 978 981 4841 78 8)
Baby Shark is out playing and hears someone crying. A baby star has fallen from the sky! Baby Shark cheers the star up and helps him find his way back home.
Baby Shark Visits Grandma Shark (ISBN 978 981 4841 79 5)
Baby Shark is on his way to visit Grandma Shark for the first time by himself on the Fish Bus! He sings his favourite song when he is afraid and he makes new friends along the way.
  • Features favourite Pinkfong characters, including Baby Shark, his shark family and their ocean friends.
  • Fun stories that children will enjoy reading over and over again
  • Colourful and attractive illustrations that will keep young readers engaged
  • Includes fun activities and an informative fact sheet for children to learn more about ocean creatures.