Gardens of Paris Sketchbook

Editions Didier Millet

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Fabrice Moireau and Jean-Pierre Le Dantec
Editions Didier Millet
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Blessed with a colourful history and temperate climate, Paris has a rich variety of gardens and a diverse range of flora. The history, aesthetics, design and botanical heritage of Parisian parks are brilliantly displayed in this book, in the watercolours of artist Fabrice Moireau, with a detailed text by Jean Pierre Le Dantec, a leading expert on landscape design. The paintings are accompanied by the artist’s own notes, rendered in his own handwriting. Gardens of Paris Sketchbook features the contributions made by prominent artists, engineers and designers such as André Le Nôtre and Jean-Pierre Barillet-Descamps. Celebrating the harmony between the picturesque and the geometrical, and the relationship between the demands of modern design and centuries-old layouts, this volume brings alive an aspect of the history and heritage of Paris that will appeal not only to garden-lovers but to all travellers and visitors to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.