The Retail Innovation Toolkit: 42 Category Management Tools for Growth


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HOW TO: design an enjoyable and/or eff icient shopper experience. adapt your retail format to new societal trends while keeping the retail brand differentiating. energise supplier-retailer relationships and face the challenges ahead in an open and a collaborative way. Retail is going through tremendous change as a result of new types of competitors and ever higher consumer expectations. An abundance of products, media and data has become available. Digitisation and the demand for an inclusive and a sustainable society call for new ways of defining the future together. Everyone needs to be mobilised, and the category level holds the right meeting point for suppliers and retailers. The Retail Innovation Toolkit offers practical tools and case studies on the way forward, so that professionals on both retail and supplier sides can start addressing category challenges immediately. The 42 tools help professionals to analyse, grow, innovate and even reinvent categories in a fun and a quick manner. The Category Management concept is refreshed by integrating tools from Experience Design and Product Innovation to create a new set of innovation skills and mobilise collaboration within and among retailer and supplier organisations. This is an excellent toolkit with practical approaches to growing the category and reinventing the retail game.