Managers the Day After Tomorrow: Connect to Many, Engage Individuals


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Rik Vera
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Guide beyond the end of predictability for managers that disproves popular myths and addresses tomorrow's greatest dangers. In today's economy, everything has changed. In order to survive, managers and organisational leaders will have to address the need to connect to the largest possible audience without losing touch with the individual. But how does this work? How can managers look ahead? How can they imagine how their company will be doing in thirty years from now, and do so in an environment where predictions have become all but impossible, and then at the same time successfully imprint their vision into a strategy for the next three months from now? What makes today's customers tick? Why does everything have to be easy, fast, fun and simple? Why is data the new gold, and why is AI a blessing? The answer is plain. To keep evolving, leaders should be inspired by the outside world. They should have the guts to read the signals all around them. They should meet the needs of their customers and, above all, they should focus on every possibility. In short, they should never stop experimenting.