The Collector’s Eye: A Photographer’s View of His Contemporaries

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Frazier King
Schilt Publishing
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This bookis a visual and writtenexploration of the constructed photograph as created in the last decades of the 20thcentury and the first decades of the 21stcentury. Itdocuments a collection built byFrazier King, that was exhibited by FotoFest International in the Collector’s Eye II Exhibition. An essay by Mr. King’s essay reflects on76 images of a variety of constructed photographsincluded in the collection.

The narrative explores how Mr. King’s own work with this type of image has resulted ina collection of constructed photographs and explains the varied nature of this category of image. Thereader gets a personal and inside glimpse ofthe dynamics of photographic reviews such as FotoFest Meeting Place and how artists, collectors and curators interact in this venueand the relationships they form.In addition to an essay by Mr. King this volume includes an essay by Wendy Watriss, co-founder and Senior Artistic Advisorof FotoFest, on the significance of collecting and the role of the collector. The third essay is by Madeline Yale Preston, an independent curator based inLondon, who addresses therole of the collector as curatorand the historical evolution andimportance of the constructed photograph.