Luca Missoni: Moon Atlas

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Luca Missoni is an Italian photographer passionate of astronomy. The Moon has always been at the center of his artistic research. For more than twenty years he has been realizing a photographic project which explores the Moon focusing on the tension between reality and imagination. In his childhood he started to observe the Moon with a telescope, collecting maps and books. With the myth of the Moon increasing its charm since the Sixties, with its explorations, Missoni has been more and more involved up to pursue a project for a personal Atlas of the heavenly body. The book is structured in two main sections: a first part with an obsessive and rigorous representation of the Moon in all its phases; a second part with its interpretation in a continuous testing of colors and composition of different phases. The result is a personal trip around the Moon with a representation of the visible side of our satellite, in a continuous tension towards the shadowed and hidden part.