Andy Denzler: Fragmented Identity

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Andy Denzler
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Illustrated in colour throughout
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Andy Denzler combines a variety of mediums in his art practice, including painting, sculpture, and drawing. Denzler's works respond to traditional portrait painting through an expressive and multi-layered application of paint and the subsequent removal thereof, resulting in the blurring of the image. He explains: "I'm using distortion and interference to depict surreal imagery, transience and the influence of the media on today's society. In this age of digital overstimulation, I am interested in people's sensitivities and their search for their own identity. In both the form and content of my paintings, I take a conscious stand against today's artificial, fleeting imagery, away from perfectionism and high-gloss aesthetics...". Just like in one of Luis Buñuel's surrealistic films, Denzler transfers his scenes to deserted places, rooms, caught between dream and reality. As if watching a film, the observer's attention is directed to the architecture of the room, the figures, the interior, the incidence of light and the depth of field. Yet the scenes have no outcome, like puzzles deliberately left unsolved. Fragmented Identity, examines Denzler's works from the past 7 years: Interiors, Zone Paintings, Photo Frame Paintings and Portraits.