On a Mission with... Giambattista Tiepolo

Skira Editore

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Stefano Zuffi and Martina Fuga
Skira Editore
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Illustrated in colour throughout
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Who was Giambattista Tiepolo? Who are the elegant figures portrayed in his paintings and frescoes? In a language suitable for young readers, this monograph is designed to make children acquainted with the works of a great painter of the Settecento and a leading figure in art history: the book describes his life, the historical context in which he lived, and the painting techniques he employed. The main purpose of the book is to encourage children to gaze at the world through the artist's eyes, and to embark on an educational and playful experience as a shared adventure.

The text is followed by five focus panels on as many masterpieces, to help children learn about some of Tiepolo's main works in greater detail. The volume is also an activity book through which young readers can get to know the artist by drawing, taking inspiration from his works. The narrative account and art-historical focus panels are combined with playful-recreational activities (collages, colouring-in, drawing, writing) that allow children to test their newly acquired knowledge. Young readers can take an active role in the suggested activities and games. In experiencing the artist's techniques, motifs and modes of expression, they can discover and learn about art by practising it.

Hardback with audiobook.