The Way Out: New York Beyond Manhattan Riding Away on a Ducati

Skira Editore

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Marco Campelli
Skira Editore
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A photo album exploring the Big Apple outside Manhattan.

New York’s soul is told through the faces and stories of people living outside Manhattan. A metropolitan story of powerful impact that becomes the rhetorical figure of an inward journey.

Ducati Diavel is the powerful means, thanks to which this escape can indeed happen for anyone wishing to break all the rules and leave behind their conventional lifestyle in search of physical and spiritual freedom.

The artistic hub of Bushwick, life under the bridges in Queens and Harlem, the creative exclusivity of Williamsburg and the views of Manhattan from Dumbo and Long Island set the stage for a tale told through powerful photos made even more intense by the human aspect of the characters.

Marco Campelli is a photographer with experience in the world of cars and motorcycles, and has authored books on photography. He is also a passionate motorcyclist. He spent his youth riding Enduro bikes and his life immortalising the feats of champs.

The images he creates narrate the stories of people and engines. His attentive eye immortalises emotion and passion, places and people; but especially the empathy that forever binds motorcycles and riders.