Giorgio Andreotta Calò: “CITTÀDIMILANO”

Skira Editore

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Roberta Tenconi
Skira Editore
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Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, 1979) has distinguished himself on the contemporary art scene by developing a unique artistic language. Traditional working methods of sculpture are completely revitalized in his works and combined with artistic practices of the 1970s in such a way that the process of creation becomes a central aspect of the work and indeed its primary subject.

His oeuvre includes sculpture, large-scale environmental installations and spatial interventions that transform buildings or entire landscapes and are often designed to be included in a rich patchwork of self-referencing connections, not least through the use of natural elements rife with symbolic significance, like water, light and fire. His work is the result of a long exploration of materials – both traditional, like bronze and wood, and more unusual, like caranto clay, the layer on which the city of Venice stands – as well the associated working techniques and their origin.

His interest in organic materials links his works to current international debates on the use and dispersal of raw materials and themes of socio-ecological change.