Lanterna Magica. Limited Edition (Dolls)

Skira Editore

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Guido Crepax
Skira Editore
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A large-format, limited edition of Laterna Magica, enriched by a numbered silkscreen authenticated by the Archivio Guido Crepax and an artistic plate designed by Lorenzo Mattotti.

Published as a tribute to the first edition of the graphic novel dated 1978, the "Dolls" Limited Edition of Lanterna Magica is numbered from 1-100, with atypical images by Guido Crepax who portrays an undefined and indefinable dream of elegant beauty. The black lines and ivory white paper contribute to enclosing shapes and defining figures that gestaltically evoke a dream state. Unusual, beautiful, rare, with 97 black and white illustrations.

The story, entirely created by Crepax, is an example of very modern graphic design and settings and contexts that are “outside historical dimensions”. The first edition was introduced by a text by Gillo Dorfles which is here published in its entirety and repositions the value of the plates of Valentina not only within the creative perspective of Guido Crepax but, above all, within the artistic context of the European scene.