Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone: Volume I. Italy 1920-1945. A New Figurative Art and Narrative of the Self

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Alberto Salvadori and Rischa Paterlini
Skira Editore
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The first volume on the Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone covers the works produced in the period 1920–45, personally chosen by the collector and purchased up to the date of 30 November 2016. The collection was built up specifically as a homogeneous group of works essentially representing the course of artistic developments from 1920 to 1945 outside the canons of the Novecento Italiano movement and the “return to order”. The first part of the book is devoted to Giuseppe Iannaccone and his personal vision of the history of art, describing the life and the decisions that characterize the collection with the greatest possible fidelity. Flavio Fergonzi then presents the twenty-five years in question with a study that puts forward and examines twelve critical themes for Italian art. This is followed by essays meticulously analyzing the cultural, historical and artistic events of the period 1920–45 by scholars who have explored and studied the collection in depth. The rich critical apparatus comprises a list of the works with all the technical data required for the purposes of historical reconstruction; a critical chronology of the period 1920–45 including events in Italy’s political and social history, biographical data, information on exhibitions, prizes and publications regarding the artists concerned and a critical anthology for each work; a list in chronological order of exhibitions featuring the works; and a bibliography by artist in alphabetical order including books, newspapers, periodicals and exhibition catalogues.