Igor & Marina

Skira Editore

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Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova
Skira Editore
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This first monograph of Igor & Marina gathers most important paintings made by the couple over the last twelve years. Classically trained in St. Petersburg, Russia, since 1997 the artists live and work in the United States. Their work is represented by galleries in New York, San Francisco, London. Igor’s specialty is a subtle sense of color, a wonderful appreciation for the tactile nature of paint, canvas, other materials and intuition in playing with abstract images. Marina, on the other hand, possesses a remarkable talent for figurative art and reshaping neo-classical images that are based on the appreciation of West European and Russian Old Masters. Igor & Marina uniquely combine contemporary artistic language with historical heritage, inviting the viewer to enter their invented world, and, after that, to a journey through it. Their mastery of painting is imbued with deep humanity and strives for beauty that remains with viewers for a long time.