Horst P. Horst


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Brilliant and sophisticated fashion photographer, leading artist of Vogue magazine for six decades, Horst P. Horst has become a reference for entire generations in this photographic genre. This volume traces Horst's main creative periods, from the beginning of his career to his latest creations, with a focus on some highlights of his production: the link with classical art which, nevertheless, doesn't elude the influences of the avant-gardes, and surrealism in particular; the visual investigation of the human figure's harmony and elegance, embellished by the perfect mastery of scene lighting; the fruitful and lasting collaboration with Vogue, a magazine for which the photographer has provided dozens of covers; the portraits of stars from the world of fashion and art, often set in their own homes, which once again reveal his indisputable compositional skills. Over 120 works, chosen from among his best known ones by the author himself, alongside a series of surprising previously unpublished works, testify to the talent and creative vision of one of the leading figures in 20th century photography. Text in English and Italian.