Islamic Metalwork from the Aron Collection


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The art of metalworking has been practiced continuously ll over the world. In this, the Islamic world is no exception. But if we look at the objects unearthed at archaeological digs or in the museums and private collections that have patiently collected them over the centuries, one cannot help but be surprised by the almost infinite quantity of materials, shapes and decorations created both by renowned artists and anonymous craftsmen. Metalworking is a highly important and characteristic sector of Islamic art, and the diffusion of these works in contexts other than where they originated is highly significant evidence of this fact. There can be no doubt that these artefacts were produced by a highly-advanced and structured society whose boundaries and remarkable technical expertise we are still unable to place in wider contexts, most notably historical and social. Prof. Giovanni Curatola took the objects in the Aron Collection as a cue for a meticulous comparative study of medieval Islamic metalwork, making this book a fundamental addition to the literature on the subject.