Cosmowomen: Places as Constellations


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Architecture, as a discipline and a profession, is facing several crises, which, as yet, it has by no means successfully overcome. The basic hypothesis of the Cosmowomen project is that fully incorporating women into the professional and academic field of architecture would generate new places for thought and attention on the part of professionals or consolidate and expand those that exist, while also intensifying the relationships between those 'places of thought', producing a kind of constellation. The exhibition incorporates the work of 65 women architects who have taken the master's degree programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture in the past ten years, showing a total of 71 projects and including 283 images. The architects are of more than 20 different nationalities and have been tutored by 22 tutors, 50% of them women, who also come from a wide variety of backgrounds in cultural terms and professional experience. The exhibition catalogue includes texts by 20 women architects or professionals in related fields, all with outstanding academic records. Architects: Ana Alonso, Anna Andronova, Christia Angelidou, Felicity Barbur, Justine Bell, Paddi Alice Benson, Christine Bjerke, Romina Canna, Emma Louise Carter, Nicola Chan, Doville Ciapaite, Freya Cobbin, Charlotte Cole, Emma Colthurst, Malina Dabrowska, Naomi De Barr, Emily Doll, Sarah Earney, Sara Firth, Karen A. Frank, Maria Auxiliadora Galvez, Masha Gerzon, Naomi Gibson, Cristina Goberna Pesudo, Faye Greenwood, Lola Haines, Penelope Haralambidou, Bijou Harding, Alice Hardy, Janis Ho, Helena Howard, Sarah Izod, Niki-Marie Jansson, Johanna Just, Gintare Kapociute, Minghui Ke, Fanny Kostorou, Le (Lulu) Li, Ifigeneia Liangi, Ting Jui (Brook) Lin, Marjut Lisco, Shi Yin Ling, Emily Martin, Sara Martinez Zamora, Lauren McNicoll, Heba Mohsen, Alex Mok, Ness Lafoy, Hoy Lei (Kerri) Ngan, Charlotte Page, Jiao Peng, Barbara Penner, Sylwia Poltorak, Sophia Psarra, Katherine Ramchand, Ellie Sampson, Julia Schuetz, Katt Scoot, Maite Seimetz, Tania Sengupta, Rose Shaw, Faustyna Smolilo, Elin Soderberg, Catrina Stewart, Paula Strunden, Yan Ting (Lorraine), Stefania Tsigkouni, Yinghao Wang, Angeline Wee, Izabela Wieckzorek, Kate Woodcock Fowles, Feng Yang, Siyuan (Amy) Yao, Venessa Yau, See (Phyllis) Yu, Mika Zacarias. Text in English and Italian.