Unity of Knowledge: Scrapbook from the Niels Bohr Institute

Strandberg Publishing

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Rikke Raben and Anne Prytz Schaldemose
Strandberg Publishing
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Unity of Knowledge – Scrapbook from the Niels Bohr Institute explores life in research and science at this world-famous physics institution.

Sculptor Rikke Raben has been part of the Institute’s daily life for a decade, and has with her background in portrait sculpture, merged selected historical black & white pictures from the Niels Bohr Archive, collages and quotes, with new colour photos by photographer Anne Prytz Schaldemose, who for five years has depicted life at the institute with her camera.

Serving as an un-chronological historical document and accompanied by an essay from Author Peter Høeg, the combinations and sequence of images in the book, makes up a visual portrait intending to illustrate the curiosity and openness towards the unknown which has continued to prevail at the Institute since it was established in 1921.

The book reflects the meeting between these 3 artists and the Niels Bohr Institute. To this day, the activities taking place at the Institute are characterised by curiosity, openness and cooperation; and as such it is a place built upon the belief that we accomplish more and achieve better results through collaboration and knowledge sharing – through the Unity of Knowledge.