Alf Lechner Sculpture Park


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Daniel McLaughlin
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Nowhere else in the world can one more intensely experience the work of Alf Lechner than at the Lechner Sculpture Park in Obereichstätt, Germany. Throughout the 23,000 m2 of a former royal Bavarian iron and steel plant, Lechner created a striking Gesamtkunstwerk in which nature and art, and architecture and sculpture uniquely interact. Spread across landscaped terraces are more than 50 of his in part monumental steel sculptures from each series in his more than 60-year career.

In a glass-roofed former workshop resides Lecher’s installation Geteilte Zeitteilung (1991–2008), composed of 36 individual pieces, while another space is dedicated to temporary presentations of Lechner’s works on paper related to the corresponding exhibition at the Lechner Museum. Finally, a grand exhibition hall, designed by Lechner and opened in 2013, houses six large sculptures (each weighing up to 150 tons)—the realization of the artist’s dream to install his large-scale work within an interior space.

My ultimate goal is simplicity. There is so much intricacy within simplicity that one cannot be simple enough. Alf Lechner