The New Kunsthaus Zurich: Museum for Art and Public

Scheidegger und Spiess AG, Verlag

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The completion of David Chipperfield's distinctive new building for Kunsthaus Zurich in December 2020 has nearly doubled the museum's overall space. In combination with the preceding refurbishments of the earlier buildings, this has made it fit to meet the demands of an art museum in the 21st century. A sequel to The Architectural History of the Kunsthaus Zurich 1910-2020, this book comprehensively introduces the new Kunsthaus Zurich, demonstrating how the task of building an art museum in the 21st century can be fulfilled. Concise texts, statements by protagonists and by future users and visitors as well as numerous illustrations trace the project's evolution and the construction process and look at the completed building from various perspectives. The book also highlights what features contemporary museum infrastructure has to offer and the architectural and urban design qualities it requires, and what financial and organisational challenges the entire undertaking implied. A conversation between experts exploring the expanded museum's impact on its immediate neighbourhood and Zurich's urban fabric as a whole rounds out the volume.