Lipp & Leuthold: I licked the yellow suit of the sun

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City of Lucerne, Kunstmuseum Lucerne and Jana Bruggmann
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The nature of art is—also—a dialectical one. This statement usually tends to apply to the conversation between the work and its viewer. Lipp & Leuthold, however, do not leave it at that but explode the boundaries between painting and sculpture with inexhaustible wit and elan. It begins with the authorship, which must always be considered in the plural, since it involves two artists. From the first to the last detail, they work closely together, blending and complementing each other in unique ways. The resulting openness of the creative process is reflected in the congenial diversity of form and color as well as in their choice of materials. Each piece is evidence of genuine autonomy and a dynamism that electrifies the process of observation. At the same time each work is the product of an accomplished sense of humor that reveals the aesthetic experience as an exciting process of thinking about art and the market, sense and nonsense.