Achim Mohné: DI-GI-TA-LIS

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Eike Latz and Anette Christ
Hatje Cantz Verlag
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Achim Mohné’s DI-GI-TA-LIS A Plant Scan Project is a book project based on a performance by the media artist, in which a high-tech process is used to scan plants; the scans of the plants are then printed out and exhibited in the form of pigment prints. As part of this artistic activity, chefs turn the plants into vegan dishes and serve them to the visitors. In his art Mohné studies the function of pictures, which he regards as a connecting link in social, interdisciplinary, and intermedia activities. Via the aesthetic articulation of his photo-based works, the artist refers to ethical, ecological themes from today’s environmental and climate debates, as well as topics concerning nutrition, consumption, and sustainability. Mohné’s media projects are positioned in the field of digital media and communications technologies. In DI-GI-TA-LIS the performative work combine to create an interdisciplinary discourse, which is developed by authors from the fields of philosophy, art history, social psychology, medicine, and media studies.