Christiane Löhr (bilingual edition)

Hatje Cantz Verlag

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Alison de Lima Greene and Claudia Dichter
Hatje Cantz Verlag
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Delicate, nearly ephemeral structures, organic shapes, and restrained colors—the works of Christiane Löhr do not force themselves upon viewers. Nevertheless, they immediately capture the eye. For her sculptures and installations Löhr uses only natural materials. Blades of grass, plant stems, blossoms, seeds, and even horsehair are arranged into multilayered, fragile objects. For viewers, perception becomes a careful sort of exploration that tries to maintain the frangibility and magic of the objects. Their intense presence and their precise, innovative formations of organic materials position them in between sensuality and austerity.

This magnificently illustrated illustrated volume offers a survey of the last two decades of the artist’s career and her unusual creations. It is accompanied by essays by renowned authors such as Germano Celant and Marion Poschmann. An essay by Jannis Kounellis, who taught Löhr in a master’s program, rounds off the book.