Phylum H (bilingual): Brunet Saunier Architecture on Healthcare

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Hatje Cantz Verlag
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Phylum H describes a very special architectural task: constructing a hospital. Brunet Saunier Architecture is dedicated to this type of research and further development. Their process is based on intensive research on the functional procedures required in medicine, social demands, and aesthetic possibilities. With these complex ideas, their plans become fascinating time capsules. On one hand, the analytical gaze looks to the past, searching for the medical, historical, and typological elements of the function of hospitals. On the other, potential new technologies, and practices for life and treatment are also examined. In the present, this results in unique buildings distinguished by a sophisticated mastery of flexible spatial structure and integrative design. They create a place for technology, knowledge, work, and social life¬ófor both today and tomorrow.

This illustrated volume discusses this unique creative process, using sketches, interviews, 3-D models, blueprints, and photographs.

Bilingual: English and French.