Olympic Games: The Design

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Markus Osterwalder
Verlag Niggli
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Is there a bigger challenge for a designer than the creation of an identity for the Olympic Games? Each venue has developed its own unique image, merging national spirit and international trends with the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and fairness. Olympic Games – The Design provides an in-depth overview of the history of the Games, with for the first time the visual appearance at the forefront: logos, mascots, medals, pictograms, uniforms, tickets, luggage tags, posters, souvenirs and much more.

The author Markus Osterwalder presents a total of around 6,000 illustrations on over 1,500 pages in two volumes with 58 chapters including astonishing facts and stories about who created what and how. For each of the Games, the passionate Swiss collector has systematically chosen examples from the fields of graphic design, typography, fashion and product design that enable viewers and readers to fully grasp the design identity of the respective Games. In addition, this title shows the exciting development in the field of corporate identity and brand design.