Rotography: A New Universe of the Visual

Benteli Verlag

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Jürg Stünzi
Benteli Verlag
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25.5 x 28.5 cm
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60 illustrations
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Instead of the horizontal panning movement used to create a classic panoramic image, the author experiments with curves as well as vertical or parallel shifting. A fixed camera recording of turning objects leads to surprising outcomes and a whole new dimension of imaging. The results simultaneously show multiple sides and angles of an object, offering a fascinatingly deconstructed perception.

Artifacts and objects unravel into new sculptures, at the same time familiar and irritatingly different – stylized and estheticized by rotography. The perspective dissolves as photographic boundaries are exceeded to a new extreme. This illustrated book takes the reader through this creative experiment with the iPhone into a new dimension of panorama photography and invites to explore one’s own creative ventures, and to immerse contemplatively in the world of rotography.

About the Author
Jürg Stünzi, born in 1954, has been engaged in photography since his youth. During his studies of natural sciences (Ph.D in biology) he acquired the professional approach to micro- and macrophotography as well as to darkroom techniques. Fascinated by the creative possibilities of digital photography, the Swiss photographer is now exploring various fields of experimental imaging techniques.