Mountain Roads: Aerial Photography. Traumstrassen der Welt / Dreamroads of the world

Delius, Klasing & Co

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Driving upwards, the pass seems endless, hairpin turn after hairpin turn winding its way to the top. You change gear, keep your eyes on the road, concentrate on the next stretch. And easily forget about the magnificence around you - the fantastic mountain panorama - in order to focus on roads that combine the pleasure and practicality of a roller coaster ride. This book presents over 200 breathtaking aerial images by "Curves" magazine photographer Stephen Bogner, capturing stunning mountain passes, hairpin turns, switchbacks, and scenic roads. For the past decade, Stephen Bogner has taken glorious photographs of mountain vistas from a helicopter that a driver focusing on the road cannot stop to appreciate. This book brings together the best images of the past 10 years in one beautifully produced, limited edition, slipcased retrospective, with 4 signed prints. His outstanding photos are accompanied by text by Jan-Karl Baedeker. A must-have for the fans of "Curves", "Escapes" and "Porsche Drive." Text in English and German.