Wild Thing - The Swiss Fashion Scene

Scheidegger und Spiess AG, Verlag

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What kind of fashion exists without mass production, without Hollywood and international fashion weeks? In Switzerland, far from the international spotlight and the dictates of the major fashion hubs, small labels, collectives, and young graduates as well as established brands test their potential for greatness. Creative designers take initiative and position themselves in Berlin, join the fashion circus in Paris, or establish clever business models at home in Switzerland. Wild Thing - The Swiss Fashion Scene, published in conjunction with an exhibition at Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich, puts a spotlight on this development and the products resulting from it. The book picks up on current topics - such as minimalism and the questioning of assigned gender identities - that shape designs, design concepts, and processes. Lavishly illustrated, it features looks and creations by important labels, selected outfits, textile inventions, and collection presentations. Together with brief interviews, portraits of individual designers, and text contributions, Wild Thing - The Swiss Fashion Scene is a highly attractive snapshot of Switzerland's creative and vibrant fashion scene. In addition, the book contains links to short print-in-motion videos, which can be watched by pointing a smartphone camera at the corresponding image. The videos offer portraits of designers, interviews with fashion experts, and contributions from fashion schools. Text in English and German.