Louvre Abu Dhabi: The Story of an Architectural Project

Editions Skira Paris

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Olivier Boissière and Jean Nouvel
Editions Skira Paris
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The choice of Jean Nouvel as architect of the future Louvre Abu Dhabi did not come as a surprise. He is the most renowned French architect of our time.

From the first sketch of the project, drawn by Jean Nouvel in 2006, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was conveived as we know it today.

From its majestic dome, which has become the symbol of this new museum, to the grand vestibule, the exhibition halls and the children’s museum, this album takes us in an intellectual stroll through the most beautiful museum in the world.

Exploring each element of the building from its conception, the inspirations, the first drawings, the virtual project, until the construction of the building, with this book we discover each phase of the project, the different objectives and experiments that made the museum what it is today.