Hubert Le Gall: Fabula


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Hubert Le Gall and Pascaline Noack
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Illustrated in colour and black and white throughout
A major monograph dedicated to contemporary French designer, sculptor, and painter Hubert Le Gall.

French artist Hubert Le Gall's work defies classification by genre or artistic movement-he seamlessly blends sculpture with design in a unique style born out of his singular imagination. Over the past twenty years, Le Gall gained international renown through numerous exhibitions and is featured in galleries around the world, from London to Shanghai and from New York to Beirut.

This monograph is a curation of the artist's work by Pamela Mullin, who, over many years, has become one of his most devoted collectors. Their relationship is grounded in the juncture where their common interests and different perspectives as artist and collector combine. Their shared passion for joyful and cultivated yet offbeat creations is evident in this selection of Le Gall's key creations, most of which were photographed in situ at Mullin's seventeenth-century manor in Saint- Calais, Normandy. These works demonstrate Le Gall's exceptional craftsmanship in his use of noble materials such as bronze, the simultaneously naturalistic and sculptural style of their lines, and their references to art and decorative art history. From the commanding trumeau, created especially for Mullin, to the many decorative guéridon tables, chandeliers, "flower tables," sculptural vases, screens, and other commodes, each one of his creations is at home within the world of the French Classical-style estate. They evoke Le Gall's numerous sources of inspiration, which include the perfection of Pompeian relics, the sophistication of eighteenth-century furnishings, the imaginative freedom of the Art Nouveau movement, but also Pop Art, culminating in pieces that are firmly rooted in the present.