C'est Bon: Recipes Inspired by La Grande Epicerie Paris

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Trish Deseine and Deirdre Rooney
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Trish Deseine is renowned for her unpretentious approach to food, creating delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that are always inspired and refined. Here, Trish presents more than eighty original recipes that incorporate simple, quality ingredients, often in novel combinations: from caramelized maple-butternut risotto with spicy grilled pecans to match a green tea panna cotta with dark chocolate sauce. Inspired by the fine ingredients at La Grande Épicerie de Paris—the famous gourmet food shop in the upscale Bon Marché department store—she shares her twist on both traditional French classics and dishes with a distinctly British flavor: from smoked magret of duck to pear tarte tatin, and from Welsh rarebit to Guinness cake. Designed with the home chef’s tight schedule in mind, the recipes—divided into appetizers, soups, and salads; main courses and side dishes; and desserts—are quick and easy to prepare. Each recipe is accompanied by tips and a suggested drink pairing. Modern yet informal, these recipes show how simple cuisine using exceptional products can yield delectable results, to delight gourmets everywhere.