Big Farms, Little Farms: A Visual Guide to Farms and Farm Animals

8 Books

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Jim Medway
8 Books
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A great new informative and fun colour reference book for all kids!

Every child wants to learn about farms and farm animals.

Big Farms, Little Farms is the latest in the Big & Little series. It takes children on a journey through all aspects of farming, from the smallest chickens to the largest shire horses. It tells interesting facts about animals and breeds as well as explaining the different types of animal farming – cattle, pig, sheep and bird.

Each breed is illustrated in colour and includes both famous examples such as the Hereford bull, the Shetland sheep, and Tamworth pig, alongside more unusual breeds. And of course no farm can do without a dog, so all the famous farming breeds are also included, from the English sheepdog to the Jack Russell Terrier. And alongside horse breeds we have donkeys.

Aimed at young children (3–8), this is the ideal gift for the curious child.