Michele Saee Projects 1985-2017

ORO Editions

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This book is Michele Saee's life's work. A collection of projects, built, unbuilt, conceptual, and experimental which expands over more than three decades. There are over 50 projects in different cities and countries, with different programs, scales or sizes all over the world. This book is about an architect's journey of discoveries; a fluid emotional exercise in life, love, work, and architecture, providing a tool for growth. The book is designed by the creative Chinese designer Xingyu Wei (Weestar) and his team in Beijing. There are hand and computer sketches, drawings, and model studies of different stages of their development - from the conception of the projects in their early stages through the process of their creation. The introduction is by the iconic French architect Claude Parent. In addition, there are two essays written by American architect Eric Owen Moss, responsible for some of the most iconic LA architecture, and by architect Nick Gillock, theoretical writer and co-founder of lookinglass studio.