A 21st-Century Socialist Country: Towards Sustainability

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Seonhye Sin
Oro Editions
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How North Korea can survive as a 21st-century socialist country? By suggesting new planning strategies, this book visions a new future of sustainable North Korea. North Korea, the world's most closed off country, has begun to make a different move. Kim Jung-un has opened dialogue with South Korea and is also preparing to correspond with other countries. There are both doubtful and positive responses to this change. However, this opens a new possible scenario for North Korea in the future. This book is focused on the potential that the country has. Of course, they have lots of issues, but they can be a sustainable country. The research begins with the past and existing condition of the country, which is Socialist government, and eludes to the future. To set the strategies for future development, we need to focus on two types of precedents: Post-socialist countries and megalopolis. Based on these two features, this book suggests a new North Korean national planning, called H-city. H-city will be the main structure for future development. However, at the same time, micro-scale developments should be encouraged too. What can be the catalysts for that? This book is focused on train stations, markets, and the area between them. The H-city with the small catalysts can make people imagine a new possibility of North Korea.