Colors of Asia: Painting by Francesco Lietti

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Francesco Lietti
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This book features never before seen artwork from the renowned Italian artist, Francesco Lietti. Painting as a fluid act allows Francesco Lietti to relive certain experiences and adventures, many of which are related to travel and discovery. After digesting these experiences he brings them to life, almost subliminally, onto the canvas. The composition, the choice of colours, and the key elements of the painting begin to appear. Francesco relaxes into the process and refines what is already there, layer by layer, element by element, colour by colour, until the memory of the place, the adventure, is brought to life. In Colors of Asia, Francesco Lietti documents a collection of his works while providing behind-the-scenes insights into the making of his paintings: the inspiration, the technique, the experiences, and the passion. Pairing short memoirs with his inspired images, the reader gets to see the process of art with the finished piece. Francesco has also invited a few friends, fellow artists, and colleagues working in the art field to write pieces about his work so that he might have the chance to learn something about himself and his work through the eyes of others.