Towards Openness

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Hu Li
Oro Editions
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A collection of case studies which showcase Chinese design practises, to challenge the preconceived notion of what Chinese architecture should be, and examining the OPEN architectural practice's work and the critical thinking underlying their projects. Drawn from keen observation of the rapidly changing social economic landscape of China, and using OPEN Architecture's projects as case studies, Towards Openness is a symphony of design ideas. The details of seven built projects are interwoven with six chapters dedicated to stimulating innovative thought, to offer an in-depth examination of OPEN's unique practice and the critical thinking that underlies their work. OPEN's understandings of architecture is summed up in six relatively clear points which, together with their corresponding manifestos, constitute the fundamental attitude and starting point of their practice. The seven built projects can be seen as OPEN's reaction to the broad issues that they encounter, as well as the actions they take to actively engage in the rapid transformation of Chinese society, with unwavering hope for a better future.