Ennead Architects: Profile Series 6

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Part of a series of books which each focus on a single building, from the perspective of the architect who designed it. "This is one in a series of books, each of which tells the story of a single building. It is our hope that as these books accumulate alongside our body of work, they, in their aggregate, will form a profile of our design intentions." Acting as a "profile" of a building as well as contributing to the "profile" of Ennead Architects, the books in the Profile Series employ initial program studies, schematic sketches, early two- and three-dimensional study models, construction shots, final photography and a personal statement by the designer to present an intimate, insider's view of the firm's unique approach to every project and to document the creative process. Finished photography combines the precision and technical virtuosity of classic architectural photography with lyrical and personal interpretations of the building, its context, and the people who use it. These books will appeal to architects, students and architecture buffs. Books in Series 6: 0423 - Natural History Museum of Utah 0424 - Westchester Community College 0702 - Stanford Law School, Neukom Building 0907 - New York City Center Renovation 3300 photographs and 100 illustrations