Bound to Freedom

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Lisa Kristine
Oro Editions
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A photographic call for a renewed commitment to empower those enslaved, an estimated 36 million throughout the world who live without dignity or rights. Many think slavery ended with the demise of the trans-Atlantic trade, but sadly, that's far from true. An estimated thirty-six million live without dignity or rights and although slavery is illegal in every country, it continues to persist in all - as a crime against humanity. Lisa Kristine's indelible images seek to unify humanity and inform the viewer of the tangible humanness of individuals enslaved today. Lisa was invited to the Vatican as a witness to the signing of the Declaration to Eradicate Modern Day Slavery by 2020. When Pope Francis gathered twenty-five of the world's distinguished faith leaders the message was clear - slavery is not a political issue - it is a crime against humanity, against all people. Lisa's journey sheds light on the need for a global shift from dependence on slave labour, to fair trade labour systems available and active in many parts of the world today. It is not simply a story about slavery, but liberation. In order to create change, we must first visualise what is required to free those enslaved today. Bound to Freedom focuses on inspiring us to engage in the reality of slavery - to make us aware of the depth of its reach and insist we begin to look for solutions across faiths, communities, and the world. The call is for a renewed commitment to cooperate and to empower those enslaved to be seen.