Ten Drinks That Changed the World

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Seki Lynch
ACC Art Books
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From Vodka to Soju, Absinth to Tequila, bartender, poet and writer Seki Lynch explores the origins, recipes and drinkers of the world's most popular spirits. Walk into any bar, in almost any part of the world, and there, on the back shelf you're likely to see Baijiu, Cognac, Vodka, Scotch Shochu, Tequila, Bourbon, Rum, Gin and Absinthe. These drinks helped shape our culture; inspired authors and painters, brought both anarchy and harmony and even, in some cases, induced mass hysteria. In Ten Drinks That Changed the World, bartender, poet and writer Seki Lynch tells the stories behind the spirits. Tracing the origins of each drink, he dissects the ingredients and locates the first makers, exploring how perceptions and consumption levels have ebbed and flowed through the centuries. Cocktail recipes, lists of artisan makers and insights from the great, good and notorious drinkers of history help complete the resume for each drink. London artist Tom Maryniak has created original illustrations of each drink for the book.