Someone Has Died: A Silly Game about Serious Business

Chronicle Books

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Can you make the case for why you should inherit "someone's" fortune-despite your bizarre backstory, dubious relationship to the deceased, and increasingly silly accusations from the other players? Someone Has Died is a zany, improvisational storytelling game that places 3 to 6 players in the middle of a will arbitration. Using unique Identity, Relationship, and Backstory cards, each player must create a case for why they should inherit the contents of the will. For example, you might be a talking dog who was the deceased's roller disco partner-but can you explain the fact that you're also a visitor from the future, and why this means you deserve the deceased's collection of bottle caps? The result is a wild ride of persuasion, accusation, and laugh-out-loud fun. * ACCESSIBLE & EASY TO LEARN: Hilarious card combinations invite even reluctant improvisers and shy storytellers to the table, and the rules are simple enough to explain in ten minutes or less. Looking for a fun, addictive party game for players of any experience level to play again and again? Look no further! With new cards adding twists throughout, no two games are ever the same! * PERFECT FOR fans of voting games with a persuasive angle like Superfight and Funemployed, storytelling games like Once Upon A Time, and light roleplaying games like Fiasco. * INCLUDES: 77 Backstory cards, 31 Identity Cards, 27 Relationship cards, 28 Objection cards, instructions * FOR: 3 to 6 players, ages 13 and up, plays in approximately 25-35 minutes. Perfect for: Storytellers, theater kids, and improv enthusiasts; anyone looking for a pick-up-and-play, hilarious party game