Great British Street Names: The Weird and Wonderful Stories Behind Our Favourite Streets, from Acacia Avenue to Albert Square

Quadrille Publishing Ltd

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Bestselling author Christopher Winn takes a closer look at our Roads, Avenues, Groves, Gardens, Hills and Lanes. There are around 800,000 streets in the UK and the name of each one tells a tale. We take them for granted but the choice of name can reveal facts about Britain's history, geography, topography and nature, even its politics and culture. From the most common names, to the rarest, the funniest to the most notorious, among the many fascinating facts, find out why the City of London has no "Roads", and where the UK's shortest street name (Rye) is located, as well as its longest (Bolderwood Arboretum Ornamental Drive). And why Station Road is in the top five most popular street names, alongside the multitude of Victoria Streets and Albert Roads. Devon even boasts The Street with No Name, which of course has its own story... Perfect for fans of trivia and local history, Great British Street Names will prompt you to think a little differently about the street where you live.