Bali Pocket Precincts: A Pocket Guide to the Island's Best Cultural Hangouts, Shops, Bars and Eateries

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Bali Pocket Precincts is your curated guide to the island's most interesting cultural, shopping, spa and dining experiences. Bali is known for its tumbling rice paddies, colourful culture and world-class surf. But delve deeper and you'll discover that every area of the island has its own distinctive personality. Artistic Ubud is home to centuries-old temples, yoga shalas galore and some of the most inventive plant-based restaurants in the world. On the south coast, Seminyak is designer boutiques and vibey beach clubs with swim-up bars. Head north and volcano bagging, rice-terrace trekking and exceptional scuba diving all become possibilities. Yet on top of all this, Bali's popularity as a holiday destination is due, at least in part, to the remarkably warm nature of the locals. Their magical living culture is palpable around every corner, from the incense-infused offerings to the elaborate temple ceremonies. And tourists are welcomed with open arms. Divided into separate precincts, each section takes in one or more of Bali's areas, listing the best shops, restaurants, and things to do in the area, with insider reviews of both outstanding attractions and hidden gems, as well as easy-to-use maps. Bali Pocket Precincts also has a selection of 'field trips' that encourage you to get off the beaten path and visit places further afield, including North Bali and the neighbouring island of Lombok.