365 Skinny Smoothies: Healthy, Never-Boring Recipes with 52 Weekly Shopping Lists for Stress-Free Weight Loss

WW Norton & Co

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Daniella Chace
WW Norton & Co
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Leading nutritionist Daniella Chace takes the guesswork out of what to blend with 365 recipes-yes, one for each day of the year-organized with the busy person in mind. Grouped in weekly installments by season with corresponding shopping lists, this book will appeal to readers who want to lose weight, increase energy, reduce bloat, and feel great, but need a straightforward, step-by-step plan to put them on track. Less thinking about the ingredients, more enjoying the result. Each recipe introduces a weight-loss concept, such as adding probiotic supplements and cultured foods; increasing phytochemicals found in greens and berries; boosting spices that reduce inflammation; hydrating with electrolytes; stocking up on frozen berries and dry goods; and adding protein such as hemp, chia, or protein supplement powders to increase satiation. Fans of the program keep on drinking Chase's smoothies year after year!