Everyday Grammar Made Easy: A Quick Review of What You Forgot You Knew: Volume 1

Wellfleet Press,U.S.

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For both adults and students who want to brush up on their grammar, this easy-to-understand and intuitively designed handbook teaches crucial grammar principles using real-life examples. With Everyday Grammar Made Easy, confidently apply perfect grammar usage by learning: Correct verb agreements Appropriate pronoun use Common grammar pitfalls Common spelling mistakes And more Begin with a quick review of basic grammar concepts, then take a deeper dive into various parts of speech and the underlying principles that guide how the different grammar parts work together, and, finally, explore common grammar and spelling pitfalls, complete with right and wrong examples. Turn to the back of the book for a glossary of grammar terms, verb guides, and useful grammar resources. With an encouraging tone to support you as you learn, sidebars to highlight important points and answer common questions, and helpful tables throughout, impeccable grammar is within your reach. Build your grammar skills and confidence, and develop a passion for learning more! Get a quick review of everything you forgot you knew with the Everyday Learning series from Wellfleet Press. Need a refresher course in topics like grammar and math? Then let these handy reference books be your sidekicks on your journey to higher learning. You'll learn about timeless global topics, as well as the thought leaders responsible for some of the greatest contributions in the worlds of science, art, and more. Packed with useful information, these portable books are perfect for commuters who want to jump-start their day with useful and fun facts. With the Everyday Learning series, you'll be an expert in any field in no time. Other titles in this series include: Everyday Economics Made Easy, Everyday Mathematics Made Easy, Everyday Philosophy Made Easy, and Everyday Spanish Made Easy.