The Domestic Revolution: How the Introduction of Coal into Victorian Homes Changed Everything

WW Norton & Co

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"The queen of living history" (Lucy Worsley) dazzles anglophiles and history lovers alike with this immersive account of how English women sparked a worldwide revolution-from their own kitchens. Wielding the same wit and passion as seen in How to Be a Victorian, Ruth Goodman shows that the hot coal stove provided so much more than morning tea. As Goodman traces the amazing shift from wood to coal in mid-sixteenth century England, a pattern of innovation emerges as the women stoking these fires also stoked new global industries: from better soap to clean smudges to new ingredients for cooking. Laced with irresistibly charming anecdotes of Goodman's own experience managing a coal-fired household, The Domestic Revolution shines a hot light on the power of domestic necessity.