Modern English: Todhunter Earle Interiors

Vendome Press

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Helen Chislett and Emily Todhunter
Vendome Press
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30 x 26 cm
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250 illustrations
"[Todhunter Earle] bring deep English-y undercurrents to their work—restraint that summons Jane Austen; curtained window seats straight out of Jane Eyre—but their backgrounds in philosophy, psychology, and art push them to take a fresh approach to proportions, flow, the 'feel' of a room. The book looks at 18 private-house projects and is divided into three sections: country, town, and abroad. Every page holds inspiration." - AirMail

"For the last two decades, Emily Todhunter and Katie Earle’s eponymous design studio has become a byword for chic, smart interiors. Now, they are releasing a new coffee table tome, Modern English: Todhunter Earle Interiors, profiling 18 private house projects for the first time." - Tatler

"This book encapsulates Todhunter Earle’s design ethos: creating striking interiors in sympathy with a building’s architecture." - House & Garden

Founded by Emily Todhunter and Kate Earle in 1998 and based in Chelsea, London, the design studio Todhunter Earle is renowned for creating beautiful, sensitively considered interiors around the world. With a hugely diverse mix of projects, ranging from traditional country estates and uber-contemporary town houses to ski chalets, yachts, boutique hotels, and fashionable restaurants, one key element remains constant: their commitment to imbuing interiors with passion, dedication, and sensibility to place. Here, 18 projects showcase their extraordinarily varied catalogue of work, revealing the pivotal factors and challenges encountered on each design journey.

Divided into three main sections - Town, Country, and Abroad - the book includes overviews of each project, revealing the pivotal factors and challenges encountered on the design journey. It encapsulates Todhunter Earle’s instinctive approach: relaxed, unpretentious, and discreet interiors that whisper rather than shout, each one embodying the right feel for their clients. Including original photography from the studio’s own archives plus specially commissioned concept illustrations by renowned watercolorist Marianne Topham, Modern English Interiors is an inspirational book to be treasured by design enthusiasts and fellow professionals alike.

About the Author
Helen Chislett is a widely published English journalist and author who specialises in design and decoration at a luxury level, encompassing everything from interiors, art, antiques, and architecture to craft, gardens, and decoration. She is the author of 20 books to date and prides herself on being able to translate for a wider audience a designer’s own ethos in a way that is accessible, useful, and inspirational. She also runs her own consultancy, London Connoisseur, devoted to championing artisanship in design.

Marianne Topham is a well-known visual artist whose artistic heritage runs deep, directly descended from both Francis William Topham, a close friend of Charles Dickens and an illustrator of his work, and Richard Topham, the distinguished 17th-century art collector and connoisseur. Marianne Topham’s work has influenced leading modern interior designers and architects, and she has worked closely with Todhunter Earle for more than 20 years. She lives in England.