Thoughtful Leadership: A guide to leading with mind, body and soul

The Ivy Press

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We need good leaders now more than ever: people who step forward, step up, and develop themselves in the emotionally skilled art of leading others. In Thoughtful Leadership, expert Fiona Buckland offers a practical approach to authentic leadership: showing you how to lead with the mind, body, heart and soul. Drawing on her work as a life and leadership coach, and an embodied facilitator, Fiona offers clear principles, processes and practices to help you understand and master the act of conscious leadership. In this book you will explore: Leading with self-awareness, and understanding your strengths and weaknesses Leading with awareness of your team, and understanding your impact on and connection with others Leading yourself, and being mindful of your inner critic Flourishing with practical activities and exercises, reflective questions to meditate on, and practices to develop in real-life situations, this is an engaging insight into how you can develop the habit of thoughtful leadership, and let it become second nature.