Andrew Bromberg at Aedas: Buildings, Nature, Cities

Thames and Hudson Ltd

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Aaron Betsky and Andrew Bromberg
Thames and Hudson Ltd
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Andrew Bromberg, of global architecture and design practice Aedas, was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of the United States and now lives and works in Asia. He is a leading light in the design of cutting-edge skyscrapers and large-scale development projects that consider cities not just as collections of buildings but as human-made landscapes shaped by social and economic forces as gradual or as abrupt as the erosions, accretions, uplifts and explosions that shape the natural world. Now inhabiting the craggy mixture of natural and human-made structures that define Hong Kong, Bromberg has long modelled his work on his knowledge of nature and his understanding of tectonic forces, both natural and human.

Drawing on a series of conversations and exploratory walks in major Asian cities - including Singapore and Ghuangzou - architecture critic Aaron Betsky reveals how Bromberg visualizes his settings and locates his designs within the complex and dynamic contexts in which they appear. Interspersed amid these urban reflections is a largely visual presentation of over twenty of Bromberg's most exciting recent projects across Asia and the Middle East. Together these comprise a monograph/manifesto that offers a singular vision for the cities that will shape our future world.