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Virgin and Nick Carson
Thames and Hudson Ltd
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Virgin by Design is the official publication volume celebrating 50 years of daring innovation and creativity at Virgin, presenting the stories, the people and the work that went into the building and shaping of a much-loved and globally respected brand. More than a retrospective, it gets to the heart of the values that make the Virgin brand so unique, communicating how those values resonate with people today – and will continue to do so in the future.

Based on in-depth research and interviews with all the key people who have played a part in Virgin’s companies past and present, Virgin by Design is organized into ten chapters – each with fully illustrated case studies – that provide a sense of how hard work and brilliant ideas have resonated with audiences worldwide. Spanning the full 50-year period from Virgin’s beginnings as a record store to its bold future in space tourism with Virgin Galactic, it also embraces Virgin’s broad diversity in terms of its global presence as a brand, its mission and purpose to change business for good, and in its offerings across multiple sectors, including travel, banking, health and fitness, communications and entertainment. Virgin by Design is packed with the wit, verve, spirit of adventure and ‘how it was done’ insights that will make it a must-have publication.